Use the first Search box to find the readings for a feastday or named Sunday, e.g. Easter Sunday, Corpus Christi, Saint George.
You can also use this box to find a particular word or phrase in the texts, e.g. prophet, Simon Peter, bread of life.

Use the Search for Other Day boxes to identify any other day and reading, e.g. Easter - First Reading - Sunday - 3rd week - Year A; Ordinary Time - All pre-Gospel readings - Tuesday - 2nd week - Cycle II. The Year box is used only for Sundays and the Cycle box only for weekdays, but you don't need to select either until Advent 2020, when a new liturgical year begins. Read more

The file-name All pre-Gospel readings includes the First Reading, Responsorial Psalm, Second Reading (when used), Sequence (when used), and Gospel Acclamation. This allows the celebrant to make just a single action to start and finish playing the set of readings.

On Sundays and major feastdays, these items are also available as separate files, to provide for situations in which the Psalm, Sequence, and Gospel Acclamation are sung separately.

The Gospel of the day is normally read by the priest. In services of Word and Communion, however, it will be read by a reader, so a separate Gospel file is included for such cases - as well as meeting the needs of the home listener.

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